Wednesday, May 24, 2017


When I first thought about what image I would photograph for today's Artful Adventures prompt, "cracks", I thought of the cracks in the pavement of the parking lot at work.  There are many, of various thicknesses and designs.
But as I went to take a photo or two, I realized that I hadn't seen the Canada geese yesterday when I got back to work after the long weekend.  I walked over to the nest and sure enough, it was empty, with only a pile of feathers and a bunch of eggshell debris left behind.
On closer inspection, I noticed this piece of something that looks like half an eggshell, except it seems to be sort of a thin membrane - presumably the inside of the shell?  (I didn't want to touch it!)
There were definitely broken pieces of thicker shell scattered about.
I can only surmise that sometime over the three day holiday weekend that just passed, the goslings cracked open their shells and stepped out into the world.  The family then would have made its way to the nearest water source, which I believe (based on previous years of goose watching) is somewhere to the west of this parking lot, across a four lane road (which would have been lightly trafficked on the weekend, thank goodness!) and down a road about two blocks and then across a field.  Hopefully they all made it safely to their destination!

Day 15/30 - #artfuladventures with Nathalie Kalbach
Day 51/100 - #100dayproject

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Sue Sharp said...

Oh, I hope they all made it to the water too! I love seeing the geese with their young!