Saturday, May 13, 2017


I get my mail every day from the collection of mailboxes in the lobby of the apartment building in which I live.
If I receive a parcel, the mailman leaves a key in my box and I get my package from this container. 
The funny thing is, I never think to post mail in the slot provided in this box. I always end up finding a mailbox on the street instead, don't ask me why! (perhaps because my mailman comes to our building around 6:30 pm most days, so anything he picks up probably doesn't get going on its way until the next day.)

I had an #Artful Adventure today exploring the Queen Street West/Trinity Bellwoods area with friends.
In between checking out several of the very cool shops in the area, lunch in a restaurant that served only perogies with various toppings (OMG, so very tasty!) and admiring the local wall art/graffiti and spring blooms,
they helped me look for mailboxes.  We found several examples.

This first one is similar to the package box in my building, only it's operated by a private delivery company, not Canada Post.
The traditional Canada Post red boxes were also around, complete with their own touches of graffiti.
The gray distribution boxes were much more heavily decorated with graffiti!
This old wooden door had a lovely mail slot at ground level.
One store we visited even had postbox t-shirts available!
Many thanks to Maria and Cheryl for a wonderful time enjoying this spring day and for their assistance in searching out examples for today's prompt.

Day 4/30 - #artfuladventures with Nathalie Kalbach
Day 40/100 - #100dayproject


Nathalie Kalbach said...

i am loving this post- you took me on a little stroll!!! And hey- I think the package storing system in your building is super clever!

Jan Davis said...

Did you buy the t-shirt! What a fun day ...thanks for sharing it!