Sunday, February 3, 2013

Inside My Beach Weekend Journal

Here are some photos of the pages inside the little journal I blogged about yesterday.  The pages are mostly made out of cardstock of various colours and designs but there are also a few made out of regular paper, a bridge/canasta score sheet, that sort of thing - papers that were on hand at the cottage while we were making our books.  Here's a picture my aunt took as we were making them, which is now in the journal:

I printed out my blog post about the family picnic from last July 31st and put it in the book:

as well as the group family photo that my cousin takes every summer picnic and every Xmas party:

The black and white photos on the top page in the photo above are from a real estate brochure I picked up that weekend, which are various shots of the area dating back to 1934 to 1948, which would have been about the time my grandparents first bought the cottage.

Here are some more of the finished pages, filled with photos from the weekend, things picked up on the beach (such as beach glass, seagull feathers and a picture of the Tasmanian Devil that was the wrapper on a used firecracker!), masking tape decorated by my one little cousin and drawings made by the other, tickets won at the arcade where we went for ice cream, etc.:

All in all, a great memento of a wonderful weekend with my family and memories of past visits.

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