Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fugly Pages

There were only a few of us at this past Monday's Journal Junkies meeting at Bizzy B.  Not sure where everybody was, probably still digging out from last Friday's snowstorm!

As you may recall, the theme was "fugly".  On her two pages, Laura very cleverly showed where this word came from.

Kelly told us she doesn't like bright, happy colours which is why she used them to make this page describing bullying as something she finds to be totally fugly.

Louise's first page was a collection of various items she finds to be fugly.

Her second page was a picture from Architecture Digest that we all agreed was totally unappealing as a whole, although I personally quite like the iron screen on the right hand side of the stairs!

Her third page was incredibly creative.  She wanted to show the ugliness of garbage that is collects in the ocean and is harming wildlife.  Things like plastic bottles that are slowly disintegrating and the poisonous residue being eaten or abandoned fishing nets that trap turtles and seals.  She made flip pages at the top that spread out to show various photos, it was quite a clever presentation.

Next month's theme is "March Madness" - stay tuned!

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