Monday, February 11, 2013


This month's theme for the Journal Junkies group (which meets on the second Monday of each month at Bizzy B) was "fugly". This is a slang word for something that is not just ugly, it's f---ing ugly.

I find a lot of designs I see in fashion magazines (which I rarely read but occasionally flip through in a waiting room when nothing else is available) fall into this category so I picked one up in the laundry room of my apartment building recently and had no trouble finding several outfits to fit the bill for this journal page.

First I layered a number of different types of decorative washi tape on my page (as you can see, I have quite a collection!) then covered it with a thin layer of gesso.

Next I added different colours of acrylic paint. I forgot that pink and green mix to make a muddy brown but didn't worry when it happened a bit, since that could only improve my "fugly" page. :)
The next layer was more paint using the Crafters Workshop "boulders" stencil.

then I added the Impressions Obsessions "Scratches" stamp around the edges, the model images and the text.

Is it fashion or is it fugly? You be the judge!