Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Great First Day!

Sketchy Internet connection last night and this morning, so just a quick post to say we had a great first day at the Art Romp workshop yesterday. 

After breakfast at our hotel, Tracy picked us up and took us to their favourite coffee shop for a java hit (you may have heard that Seattle has a bit of a reputation when it comes to coffee, what with it being the birthplace of Starbucks and all!).  Here's our group (minus one) outside the coffee shop:
Teesha and Tracy gave us lots of information for the first few hours and everyone made a start at deciding on things to make. Most of us are starting with a fabric covered journal and a journal in which to collage pages and/or a combination of the two.  A handmade metal journal is on my "to do" list for later in the week.  One of the fabric journal styles starts with little fabric pillows like these ones Teesha made:

We headed into Seattle in the late afternoon.  Hit the Japanese book store to feed our washi tape and pen addictions first before heading to the Dick Blick art store (equivalent to Curry's for my Toronto readers).  Dinner was at a place called 8 oz. where we had the most amazing hamburgers.  Mine was "the house blend, wild baby arugula, balsamic onions, hemplers bacon, beecher's flagship (cheese), truffle aioli".  It was sooo good.

After dinner, a short stroll to the Elliot Bay Book Company
Teesha, me and Tracy
a large bookstore with a fabulous collection of books, followed by a trip to Molly Moon's ice cream shop. I was so full, I didn't dare order any but I did get a little taste of the melted chocolate flavour that was mmm good!
Cathy, Catherine, Tracy and Lisa
outside the ice cream shop
My suitcase was safely delivered, picked it up at the front desk very early yesterday morning (still waking up on East Coast time).

Stay tuned for more details on our Seattle adventures this week!

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