Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mail Art

Diana Trout posted a link to this blog post this past weekend on Facebook.  Jane Davies had written about her post office in the small town of Rupert, Vermont (population: 704, according to the 2000 Census and Google).  In order to help keep the post office open, Jane asked people to send postcards to her in an effort to increase the volume of mail being handled.  Jane offered to mail a postcard to the first 200 people that responded with art postcards.  That post went up on Monday, January 28th and I believe she has received more than 500 cards since then.  The handmade ones are being posted in a Facebook album.

I thought I'd make a couple of cards and send them off.  Since it's Valentine's Day this week, I thought hearts would be appropriate.  I made one for Jane by layering washi tape and paint underneath, then adding the lettering and a heart-shaped stamp:

and one for the postmistress, who must be a little busy these days sorting through all the extra mail!  For this one, I collaged a bunch of Canadian stamps on the card, then added gesso over top before stamping the word "postal" and a heart on top.  Simple and quick!

It seems to me that the Rupert, Vermont post office will need to continue to receive mail over time so if you'd like to take part and can't get to it right away, I'm sure Jane would appreciate receiving a card from you any time in the next few months.  Or maybe you'd like to make a card and send it to someone else you know who would enjoy receiving mail. Either way, I'm sure your efforts will be gratefully received. :) 

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