Sunday, February 17, 2013

Safely in Seattle

Arrived safely and on time in Seattle but it was touch and go for a while there in Toronto.  Lined up for two hours before being able to check our bags, flight held over for an hour because so many people were delayed.  Apparently there were issues because the snow we got in Toronto yesterday afternoon and evening.

Travelling with my journaling buddy Colleen - here she is standing by the kiosk where we first checked in (see the lady in the red coat) - two hours and a loooong lineup later, we arrived back at where we started, at the ticket counter.

Got to Chicago with 37 minutes between flights which was plenty of time for us but not enough for our luggage, it will be coming in on a later flight around 6:30 tonight (we were very glad it wasn't the other way around!). Hopefully our bags will be here by the time we get back from dinner at Teesha and Tracy's house.

My Taylor Tot Suzette is travelling with me.  She seemed to enjoy the flight

and volunteered to test the pillows for me when we got to the hotel.

The hotel room is beautiful

although the view from my hotel room isn't too exciting...until I tell you that that brick building on the right  hand side is a Michaels!!  Colleen and I checked into our rooms and then, since we had no luggage to unpack, immediately went across the street to shop!

Yes, the grass is green and it feels like spring here.  We did see some snow on the mountains as we were driving to the hotel from the airport.

I am blogging in an effort to resist the urge to lie down in case I miss our 5:30 pickup time for dinner!  All that standing and running through the airport was a bit tiring, after a 4:30 am wakeup call. But no worries, we're here and the romping is about to begin!!


Taylor schapiro said... glad my girl can have some fun in Seattle for the week. She can get paint on her clothes if you didnt bring her an apron. Enjoy, say hello to the Ts and keep me posted.xxoot

Anonymous said...

Oh and it will be SO worth it! Have a great time