Thursday, February 28, 2013

Post Vacation Adjustments

Coming home from vacation is always an adjustment.  For me, getting back from Seattle means adjusting back to Eastern Standard Time (that 3 hour time change does make a difference!), going back to work (being at the office 9 to 5 is not nearly as exciting as making art all day!) and coping with the difference in weather (from spring-like conditions back to winter).

I saw my first robin of 2013 last week in Seattle and it did my heart glad.
Just one of several I spotted last week!
Luckily the robins haven't arrived back in Ontario just yet, as they would have been shivering in the snow this week.  We've had 36 hours of snow in the past 48.  The first 24 hours was heavy and wet, more rain than snow in my neighbourhood which meant heavy, messy and slushy.  Last night's snow was light and powdery, which meant we woke up to some very pretty wintry scenes.
Check out those snowbanks!

I love how the lamplight glows golden in the corner of this photo:

They put this sign up outside my office building today but it was too late.

After all, the snow had already been falling for two days!
Just a little snow in the parking lot! :)
March arrives tomorrow and I'll be counting the days until spring officially arrives on Wednesday the 20th.  And until I see that first robin here at home.

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