Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Next Day

What a beautiful day it was today! So bright and sunny, I just had to get out and about after being cooped up inside all day yesterday.  There was a windchill but the sun was so warm, you hardly noticed it.  Lots of interesting things to see as everyone was busy shovelling out after the storm.

In the winter in Toronto (between November and April), you're not supposed to park on certain streets overnight. If you do and it snows, this might happen to you:
Clearly, this form of transportation is not helpful when there is this much snow:

On a sunny Saturday morning, there is still Vitamin C to be found naturally:

Sidewalks are being cleared, both by machine:

and by hand (look how high that snowbank is!):

The trees look really pretty all covered in snow:

This was one of the most visible hydrants I saw (most were hidden by higher snowbanks!):

and pretty icicles are to be found here and there:

Not sure how long the snow will last, temperatures are supposed to be several degrees above zero by Monday and there's rain in the forecast!

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