Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seattle Bound

I'm off to Seattle tomorrow to spend the week taking part in the first ever Art Romp organized by Teesha and Tracy Moore.  I've been puttering around all day, packing, organizing, sorting out which art supplies to take, making little somethings to give to my fellow workshop attendees.

I made myself a new travel journal for the trip using the techniques I used in Mary Ann Moss's latest online class, Ticket to Venice.  It's a fabulous class, I highly recommend it.  There are several very detailed videos showing exactly how to put the book together, as well as instructions that you can download and print out.

Here's how my book looks:

At the moment, the pages are all very clean and empty.  I expect this book to be jammed full of goodness by the time I get back, so stay tuned!

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