Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Finished Book

Some art projects don't get finished right away.  In some cases, it's due to procrastination and sometimes it's because you just don't have the right materials to finish the job.  Sometimes, it's a combination of both these factors. 

I started this book last summer when I went to my cousins' cottage for our annual family picnic and stayed over a few extra days to enjoy more time at the beach with my cousins.  I took the necessary art supplies with me and one morning, we all made little books.  I had fun teaching them how to make a journal, the kids thought it was a fun project and their mom was amazed that they stayed entertained and didn't get bored or distracted, as young kids often do.

Fast forward to Christmas, when it was time for our annual seasonal gathering with all the cousins. I thought I'd get the book finished for that party and it just didn't happen, although I did finally get around to ordering the photos I wanted to put in the book and getting them printed.

Tonight, my sister and I are having dinner at my cousins' house and I knew I wanted to get the book finished this week.  But it wasn't until just yesterday, when I was shopping at Michaels and found these fabulous packages of ribbon trim, that I knew I had everything I needed to finish this book exactly the way it needed to be done.  Six types of trim, one yard of each for only $3.00.  Wrapped around a cute little cardboard bird cage.  I couldn't resist, I had to get one in every colour (how could I say no to those cute little baby pompoms!).

I woke up this morning realizing that the navy blue and turquoise trims would look really good on my little book. I had glued some decorated vellum paper onto the front and back covers last night, it just needed a little extra something to jazz up the spine.  So I layered on the two colours of pompoms and a bit of lace and voila!

Then I punched a couple of extra holes and added the rope trim as an extra binding, complete with a dangly bit made out of meat ration "coins" that my cousin had given me while we were at the cottage in the summer (there's a whole bunch of them there) and seashells found on the beach.

On the back cover, I cut out a picture of the walkway beside the boathouse to fit into the pattern on the vellum paper, which had been used as an advertisement in a local newspaper months ago (i knew I'd find a use for that paper some day!).

Inside is full of family photos from the weekend this past summer and pictures I have of the interior of the cottage from a few years ago when it was still decorated the way it was when my grandparents were still alive.  I like that the book is a mix of current and older photos and mementos of the family cottage where I have spent so many lovely days over these many years (dating back to my first visit when I was a mere 8 months old!).  Some things change (a year or two ago, my cousins replaced the ancient shag rug with a beautiful berber style carpet, such a treat for the toes!) but a lot of things are still very much the same as they were when I was a child there, and it remains a special place for us to visit. 

I can't wait to show the finished book to my cousins and my sister tonight, I'm sure they'll all get a kick out of seeing it.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Would have loved to see some of the inside pages.