Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Switching Gears

After 4 fast-paced, colourful, energetic classes in 3 days with Dina Wakley at Bizzy B over the weekend, it was time to switch gears on Monday night (after working all day) and head to Articulations for my second week of drawing class.  When I arrived, I explained to the teacher that I wasn't sure how I would do, seeing as I was already feeling completely overstimulated and exhausted (in a good way) from the weekend.  As it turned out, slowing down to draw in black and white seemed to be a good thing for my body and soul.  It forced me to switch gears, relax and focus.

First we worked on drawing things with texture, like this feather, using ink and bamboo brushes and charcoal:

A roll of string, a dishwashing scrubbie (stretched out) and a shrivelled up orange were my next subjects.

Here's a closer look at the petrified object that used to be an orange (which Beth forgot in the bottom of her knapsack years ago!)

After the break, we drew tonal scales from light to dark. 

Then the teacher Beth and Mikki, one of the store owners, set up lighting so we could sketch eggs and their shadows.

Beth took this picture of me while I was drawing.  I was so focused on my egg, I barely noticed!

Here's Marilyn doing the same thing:

I thought I would be tired but the three hour class just flew by and I felt a lot more energized by the time class was over. 


Anonymous said...

I could actually feel the slowing down process. Very interesting!

Lori Wostl said...