Sunday, September 23, 2012

Journaling with Dina

What a wonderful day we had yesterday, art journaling with Dina Wakley at my favourite store, Bizzy B.  We first decorated six journal pages, which took most of the day, and then assembled them into a journal and decorated the front and back covers.  Once again, Dina kept the class moving at a quick pace and once again, I am thrilled to advise that I actually finished the project.  So glad not to have another U.F.O. (unfinished object) in my collection, which often happens after a class, despite all my good intentions.

Here are some pictures from our day:

Gathered around for a Dina demo (classes are usually smaller at Bizzy B but the demand for this one was so great, they added more people and a second journal class on Sunday morning!):

Daniza (who works and teaches at the store) showing me one of her pages:

A delicious lunch was provided for everyone in the class (just one of the special perks offered by Bizzy B when you attend one of their all day classes) by Kelly Bolton, one of my fellow Journal Junkies:

A group photo of most everyone (except Vicki, who was somehow in the washroom when this photo was being taken, and some of the ladies who had left a bit early) with their books:

The front cover of my journal:

My journal pages, which look like nothing I could have imagined creating before today and now I can't wait to make more!
the writing on the left is one of Dina's stamps - love it!

Flowers painted by Keitha. I accidentally used
her painted page instead of my own to cut
them out. She graciously forgave me and I
am forever in her debt.

This one is so not my usual colour palette and
I'm excited about the result!

The back cover:

Me and Dina with the little book I made in Friday night's class:

Two more classes with Dina today, I know they will be equally fabulous!!


Lori Wostl said...

Thanks for sharing Dina with me - I'm about to start teacher interviews for Art Camp for Women.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps I'll be forever in your journal? Looks great Cynthia - kudos to you for both getting your journal finished and blogging about it!