Friday, September 14, 2012

Vintage School Days Journal Swap - Part 3

At long last, here are the remaining pages of the book that resulted from the journal swap I told you about here and here.

First on today's agenda, a page by my friend Heidi Redfield, with a giant paper clip and a small blackboard.  There are goodies tucked underneath (a teeny little composition book, for one) and a secret pocket on the side with an envelope for the kind of secret notes you would pass in class.

Here's the reverse side, decorated in vintage style:

The next page was made by Barb Rickard and I have to say, it's my favourite.  This is actually a double paged creation, a folded piece of paper that creates a front, middle and back. The front features a writing board on the top half, with several pieces of paper that flip up, and a box of crayons on the bottom half. Yup, those are real crayons tucked in there - how clever is that??!

The middle is a double page spread, with a mini composition book on the left side and a pocket on the right.

On the back page, a real pencil tucked in a pocket and more blank space for journaling on.

After that, a page made by Jessica Rodarte.  The front is an "assignments" page with a pretty silhouette:

and there is a vintage bingo card on the back.

This one was made by Jill Sibbald and features a photo from the Rosehaven School for Girls on the front, with a pocket full of tags with ribbons.

The back features a page from a "champion" spelling book.

Jill also included extra photos and vintage ephemera for each of us that "didn't make it onto the page". I'm planning to make a few extra pages in order to find a home for these treasures!

The last page was made by Lisa Stanton and features more pockets on the front, side and back with vintage paper goodies tucked inside.

Last but not least, swap hostess and journal assembler Michelle Geller tucked a little envelope labelled "lunch money" into the back of the book, such a cute idea!  You can read her blog post about putting the journals together here.

And there you have it, our wonderful little vintage school days journal.  What a marvellous treat it is to have this journal to hold and treasure.  I'm so grateful to all who participated for the fabulous pages they contributed to this book.  Every time I look through it, I find something new I hadn't noticed before.  I am debating about whether to leave it as is (it's almost too special to touch!) or to start writing my own school memories into the blank spaces.  In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy flipping through this little book of delight!

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