Sunday, September 30, 2012

Milton Antique Show

Wow, where did today go? I wanted to post some pics of the outdoor antique show I attended for two hours yesterday morning but the day has flown by so I'll make this quick.

Another cool shot from one of the displays in the Tattered and Torn booth. I always stop in to see these ladies, they have such beautiful displays and amazing pieces available (sadly, usually out of my price range), it's always a treat to look around and see what they have on offer.

I could have gotten myself a statue of David but decided to leave it behind for someone else. :)  I was more tempted by the gold chairs!

I loved this hoosier cabinet - you don't usually see them with the flour bin still intact!  It was (I thought) a steal at only $695.  Again, way out of my price range...

Loved the colours in this 70's cookware display.

It wasn't until I went to take this picture of this doll house that I saw the ledger sitting beside it through my viewfinder.  Of course, I immediately picked it up and bought it!  It's from a dry goods store from the 1940's, very interesting to read the various entries.

One of the dealers tried to sell me this windmill which was standing above his booth. Only a dollar, he said.  I told him if he sold it to everyone who came by his booth that day, he'd be sure to make a lot of money over the day!
And yes, as my friend Kate Mckinnon says can always be found at every flea market, there was a jaguar!  This one was rather regal and adorning the base of a funky lamp.

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