Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vintage School Days Journal - Part 1

As promised, here are photos of the contents of the collaborative Vintage School Days journal swap in which I recently took part.

The book came wrapped in lined paper with a strip of numbered tape wrapped around it and personalized tags:

When opened, the profile of the book showed it was stuffed full!

Assembly of the book and the front and back covers were provided by Michelle Geller, who also organized the swap.  On the inside of the front cover is an envelope with a list of all the artists who participated tucked inside, as well as a small glassine envelope filled with little extra goodies such as labels, reinforcements and a blank library card for future journaling. She also inserted a division flash card.  (Quick - 7 goes into 56 how many times?!)

The first page was crafted by Jan Clem.  See that yellow ruler piece on the right hand side?  When you pull on it, it flips over each of the readin', writin' and 'rithmetic flaps to reveal the rest of the "pages" within her page.  It's a really clever technique and now we all want to know how to do that ourselves!

Here's what the reverse side of Jan's page looks like.

The next page was provided by Sheila Earhart.  The page features various vintage bits of ephemera collaged together, as well as what appears to be a baton twirling medal.  As far as I know, each one of us got one of these medals, which makes me wonder where Sheila got them.  Maybe she used to be a twirler in days gone by?  Maybe she found them somewhere, who knows?

On the reverse side is a 3rd place ribbon collaged with other bits and pieces.

Next was my page, which I blogged about earlier, followed by Michelle's own page, consisting of more vintage ephemera such as school lunch tickets, dictionary pages and pages from different types of school notebooks and textbooks.  I love the soft colour tones of the vintage paper and the turquoise accents on this page.

That's all for this post, stay tuned for details on the rest of the book coming up in a later post!


Lori Wostl said...

The techies need to figure out a like button for blogs. LIKE fun.

Danette said...

holy crumb! that is so adorable. i found your blog through a google search of 'vintage school' - so glad i did!