Thursday, September 24, 2009

U2 Rocks Toronto

For those of us who didn't make it to the U2 concerts last week in Toronto, here are a couple of photos of the stage set up at Rogers Centre, as taken by my friend Kelly who was lucky enough to attend.

Last Thursday night, the evening of the 2nd show, I was torching at Beadfx with Dwyn, Deborah and Gayle and we were listening to Q107 on the radio, as they were playing song after song of U2's music. It was almost like being there and certainly great accompaniment to our lampworking.

The week before that, Deborah and I had compared notes about great bands and shows we had seen in Toronto. She hasn't seen U2 live (yet) and I had been to their 2005 show, which was fabulous! One of the coolest things was that there was a local band in the audience with a sign that read, "Our Band + a Song With U2 = Happy Crowd". Bono invited them up on stage, the U2 band members handed over their instruments and this group got to play the U2 song "Out of Control" in front of thousands of fans, and were joined by the band for the 2nd part of the song. It was amazing!! Can you imagine the thrill if you were those kids? Their band was called Menew and I can't say I've heard anything about them since then, but they're still out there and apparently they've also been on Letterman - you can read about them here: I don't know - once you've played onstage with U2, what could be more exciting than that???

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