Sunday, September 27, 2009

Antiques in Argyle

Driving home from the cottage today, my sister and I stopped in at the antique store in Argyle, ON, known as the "Argyle Blacksmith Shop". This place is literally a stop light at a four corners, with the antique store on one corner, somebody's house on the 2nd corner, a bed and breakfast on the 3rd corner and a general store (with some pretty fabulous baking and a nice little cafe and gift shop) on the 4th. There is another business that seems to sell plants and fresh vegetables (I haven't been in there yet, but if there's more baking to be had, I might need to check it out) and a chip truck that always has several cars parked in front of it, a couple of houses and that's about the extent of this "town".

The antique store is quite a jumble of stuff, most of it dusty and only some it organized in any recognizable fashion. But they always have really cool stuff on offer. For example, if you happen to be needing a cow skin (the owner assured me it was new, as opposed to used - I guess that means "fresh off the cow"?), a tuba, some green chairs or all of the above, they are currently available but the baby buggie that was out front yesterday was gone today. And yes, Kate, they do have the proverbial black panther - this one was almost life-sized!

I picked up this lovely metal cannister set for only $10, as well as a little bag full of dice, those little swirly things that go in the middle of 45 records (what are they called?), 3 small wooden bowling pins (I think these are called skittle pins and are used in snooker, but don't quote me) and a few other bits and bobs (I especially like the little green plastic road runner) for the grand sum of $1.00. Many thanks to my sister who noticed this bag of goodies in a hard to reach spot (we don't call her "Eagle Eyes" for nothing!)

Where exactly is Argyle? That's easy - it's just east of Beaverton, a little bit north of Woodville, a few miles west of Fenelon Falls and not too far south of Kirkfield. You can't miss it.

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kate mckinnon said...

I saw that panther RIGHT OFF THE BAT. love the plastic roadrunner!!!