Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Special Anniversary

It's very surprising to me that this time has come around so fast but believe it or not, it is the one year anniversary of when I started writing this blog!! Whoo hoo!!

First of all, thank you to all of my loyal readers. My friend Sharon was one of and possibly the very first. She was also one of the people whose blog inspired me to jump on the band wagon and start writing. She was also very sweet and mentioned me today and yesterday in her blog, for which I am also grateful. Here's the link, if you want to check that out:

Now, I have to admit that unlike what Sharon says, I have not posted every single day during the past 365. There were a few days around the beginning of December when I moved apartments and then when I was away on vacation and away from a computer, around Christmas and then the first week of January 2009 when I was in Mexico, that I did not write anything. Other than that, and once I realized that you could write a blog entry in advance and schedule it to be posted on whatever date and at whatever time you might choose (as I did prior to going to Milwaukee for a week in June), it became every single day.

It has been a great discipline for me to sit down and write something each day, sort of like making the bed every morning (which I usually do, except every now and then when there is a cat soundly asleep in it and I don't have the heart to disturb him). If nothing else on my "to do" list gets done on a certain day, at least I know my bed got made and my blog got written. I am definitely feeling a major sense of accomplishment right now.

I was thinking I could take myself off the hook on the daily posting bit, having done it for a year - it seems there are many blog writers who don't write each and every day (which I must admit, I do find disappointing, when you log into their blog, eagerly expecting a bit of news or information, only to find it's still the same posting from 3 weeks ago and by now you've read that so many times, you could almost recite it by heart) but my sister tells me this is not allowed, I must keep doing it every day. We'll see. Sometimes that has meant posting late at night when I'd rather be getting to sleep, sometimes it is a challenge to know what to write about, occasionally I'm just feeling too darned lazy. So I'm not ready to formally commit to that right at this moment in time, but we'll see how things go along.

In the meantime, again, thank you all for reading and I hope you will continue to drop by and check out my musings.

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