Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toledo Tuxedo

My latest Inspiration for the Beadfx website is known as the Toledo Tuxedo. You can read the story and see the photos behind the name (it's based on a men's clothing store we saw in Milwaukee in June) by following this link to their website:

As you will see, Dwyn's photos for the website are much more flattering than the ones I took myself (as shown here), but I am hoping that my skills will improve after the workshop I took with Kyle Cassidy last weekend. I haven't got myself a digital SLR camera yet, or the macro lens that he recommended for close-up product shots but they're on my shopping list! In the meantime, I'm reading Dwyn's blogs about how to take better pictures and hoping my point and shoot will suffice. It's a great little camera (a Pentax) and I love it because it fits in my pocket and it's easily transportable. I don't think these two photos are overly bad, but Kyle has inspired me to be a little more creative with my settings. Stay tuned!

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kate mckinnon said...

Her photos are wonderful. You know, I take a lot of really excellent shots with my point and shoot; it has a supermacro setting that allows me a ton of pixels.

It's an Olympus, let me know if you want a link. You can get them recon for about $70. It's all I use!

PS: St. Louis is not necessarily Stephanie...