Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Handcrafted Jewelry

Have you seen this new magazine from the editors of Beadwork? I subscribe to the daily newsletter from and first heard about it there, then saw it mentioned last week by Jen on the Beadfx blog (whose rave about it convinced me to go the beadingdaily email and click on the link to buy) and again this week in Cynthia Thornton's blog (who noticed it in the bookstore because it had two of Green Girl Studios' beads on the cover, the owl and the skeleton key on the necklace on the left).

I believe it's a special issue, rather than something that will be coming out regularly, but who knows? It's very interesting because it features a number of different mixed media techniques. I just got my copy yesterday and started looking through it at breakfast this morning, which made me late for work because I just couldn't put it down!

One project I can't wait to try is one making pendants out of Scrabble tiles. I was at a garage sale a couple of months ago and they had a bunch of games available and I didn't even think to pick up the Scrabble game until the next day - d'oh! So I've been on the lookout for another one ever since and of course, haven't seen hide nor hair of one but I will keep looking.

There is also a article about different types of resins. I picked up some Ice Resin from objects and elements when I took the course with Susan Lenart Kazmer back in June, but it was interesting to read about the other types out there.

Now all I've got to do is stop reading and start doing!! :)

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