Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Not Always Tidy

I was so pleased to read Jennifer Heynen's blog posting yesterday, where she advised that her bead studio was a little bit messy and she needed to clean up before she could start working on something new (

I don't mean that I was happy that Jennifer had to do this job, just that I was relieved to know that I'm not the only one with a messy bead stash at the moment. Especially since, if you had seen the article about Jennifer's studio in the Summer 2009 issue of Studios Magazine - it was so clean and organized looking. However, in the comments section of that blog posting, she admitted that those pictures were taken before she started working in the studio.

It's just nice to know that other people work and/or create the way I do. I might start with a tidy space but it quickly evolves into sort of an organized chaos. I seem to work best with occasional tidy up sessions interspersed with periods of intense production resulting in jumbled piles of bead stuff, and so the cycle starts all over again.

For me, at the moment, the messiness is getting to be more of a problem because whenever I go to do something or need to find something, it's always a big search through jumbled up collections of half-finished projects on various bead trays and/or a rummage through a couple of boxes holding all sorts of miscellanea (is that a word?). I really need a few hours of concentrated clean-up time but I won't have time for that before next weekend at the earliest, so in the meantime, I'm just working on one project and trying to avoid the temptation to start anything new!

But I can't wait to get tidy again, because I've got lots of ideas for making new things and I want to get started!

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