Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Classes Have Begun

As of this week, night school classes for fall 2009 have begun. Monday nights for the next 10 weeks for me shall be spent at French class. However, the first session last night was rather intimidating and disappointing as the Intermediate/Advanced class I had signed up for turned out to be quite advanced indeed and very much over my head. I had no trouble following the teacher and keeping up with her agenda, but the majority of the students appeared to be extremely advanced, I would say fluent, I don't know what they were even doing there (the teacher seemed rather unprepared for their expertise as well, we zipped through the exercises she had prepared in no time). Given that I couldn't understand half of what most of them said, I was on the phone first thing this morning to switch to an Intermediate class.

It's hard to tell from the write up in the course selection book which class I should be in. The description for the Intermediate/Advanced class says it "is designed for those with some knowledge of French" - I was obvioulsy fooled by the use of the word "some". There is an actual Advanced class offered as well but on a different night, maybe that's why they all showed up in my class instead? Ah well, live and learn. I just didn't want to find myself in a class where I was already ahead of the learning curve.

Kind of a drag, because the location was only 5 minutes from home and now that I've switched to a different class at a different school, it will probably take close to an hour to get there and about half an hour to get home again, but hopefully it will be worth the switch!

Tonight's class is "Bead Crazy - Advanced", with my sister also in attendance. We've already taken the beginner and intermediate classes, so I know I'm definitely ready for the advanced level in this one!

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kate mckinnon said...

I am clearly going to be in good hands in France!