Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie

Okay, apparently one of my loyal readers was dismayed that I didn't blog about Barbie's birthday yesterday, so Sharon, this one is for you.

It did cross my mind to mark this special occasion, and apparently there is a Barbie bead connection, in the form of Barbie's Bead Bonanza, so I wouldn't be too remiss if I mentioned it here. But according to this photo, she doesn't really want anyone to know she's that old. Can't blame her, I don't want anyone to know I will someday be that age either!!

I've been looking at images on Google, trying to find a photo of the Barbie Dream House I had when I was a kid. You'd think, out of the 792,000 photos they have on this topic (can you imagine??), that one of them would look like the one I had back then but of the 300 or so I've looked at so far, none of them do!! I suppose it's possible that the plastic and cardboard domiciles didn't survive the 70's but I find that hard to believe, as there appear to be several versions of the 1962 version available. The one I had folded up into a square box-like shape with a handle on top for easy travelling, it folded open into three sections that were the rooms. It was, of course, pink in colour.

Apparently there are lots of people with pictures of their own versions of Barbie's dream house, which I find slightly alarming. However, it seems nowadays Barbie herself is living in a 3 storey house, so she has moved up in the world from the one storey bungalow she had when I was young. Guess she did okay in the divorce from Ken. You go, girl!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Cynthia. I knew you would come through. Actually 50 is quite fun. Take care, Sharon