Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beadfx Inspiration #2

Yesterday, The Dixon Chick and I had the results of our second "inspiration challenge" published in the Beadfx newsletter and posted on their website ( Yes, we are legends in our own minds, no doubt about it.

This time around, our colours were mint green and gold. Stephanie told me that when she first looked at the beads, she immediately thought of St. Patrick's Day. No surprise then that she called her project "Eire". You can see it here:
For me, the colours made me think of spring - that new bright green of the foliage when the leaves first appear out of the ground or on the tree branches, before the flower buds appear, before they've "weathered" a little bit or been burnished by the sun's warmth. When the leaf is still new and fresh. I called my necklace "Spring Blooms".

I must admit, these beads were a little challenging to work with, as the shapes were unusual (ovaltines and squarelets) and the holes were small, so I couldn't simply slip them on a jump ring and attach them to something, which I would have liked since they dangle well. (Although apparently Stephanie did exactly that - how? how?) Instead, I decided to crochet part of it, inspired by Stephanie's talents in that area, but added sections of strung beads as well. I crafted the pendant out of 22 gauge wire, the same wire I used for the crocheting. The glass flowers were in keeping with the spring theme.

You can check out the details of my design, component list, etc. here:


The Dixon Chick said...

YOu crocheted with 22 gauge????? It's such fun to do these challenges with you. I hear that you and Dwyn have been plotting against me for the next one. No fair!!!!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Oops, sorry, I stand corrected, it was 28 gauge.

Plotting, moi? Certainly not.