Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bag of Beads Reveal

Tonight is the night the Toronto Bead Society members reveal what they have made with the Bag of Beads (a.k.a. "BOB") stash they received at the January meeting (wow, that two months just zoomed by, didn't it?)

As you may recall from my posting on January 15th, we all got the same collection of beads to work with and can create whatever we might choose. In early February, I took a class with Rachel Nelson-Smith, which inspired me to use the BOB beads to make a fringed bracelet.

Part of the challenge involves working with a few unusual pieces. In this case, we had freshwater pearl beads identified as "mussel shaped" that have holes in them but are unusual shapes. I wrapped them in copper wire to add a little extra something. We also had to use rattail, which is a soft cord, which I knotted into a pleasing shape and then embellished with beads.

Here is my finished result, which I call "California Caramel" in Rachel's honour, as she hails from there.

On Friday, I'll post pictures of the creations of some of my fellow TBS members. Be prepared to be amazed.

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