Tuesday, March 31, 2009

France, Anyone?

I am so super excited tonight. Kate McKinnon has booked another session in the South of France for late summer of 2010, bookended by a week in Paris at the beginning and a week in Barcelona at the end.

You can check out the details here:

Wow, doesn't that sound like a dream of a trip? I think so. I plunked my money down for the deposit right away, it only took me maybe half an hour of "oh man, my poor credit card!" chatter in my head before I was able to override that voice, take Kate's advise that it's only money and life is meant to be lived, and hit that "pay now" button. It felt really good to do it and now I am counting down. Only 72 weeks to go.

I tried out the pool in my apartment building for the first time tonight. I've been living here for four months now and just haven't seemed to had the time to check it out before. Plus I've been working on getting my back strengthened up, going for physio, and didn't want to monkey with that. But the back is stronger, I've started doing a little walking now that the weather is headed towards spring and figured it was time to check out the pool.

I've been noticing that evenings after work, nobody else seems to use the pool. Tonight was no exception, I had the place all to myself, the water was warm and it was lovely. From the north facing window, you can watch planes as they head east, having just taken off from the airport and today, I imagined those planes heading off to Europe. It's a great flight, because you leave around dinner time, fly through the darkness and hopefully get some sleep (but not really because you're way too excited), land first thing in the morning and hit the streets of Paris or London or St. Petersburg or whereever you've landed and head off exploring. Tonight, I was watching those planes and thinking, "Next August, I'll be on one of those planes!"

Care to join us? There's an idyllic stream right behind La Cascade we can dip our toes into...

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