Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bead Oasis Spring 2009

This weekend was the Spring Bead Oasis Show, held in downtown Toronto. I didn't sign up for any classes this time around but I did volunteer to work at the Toronto Bead Society table, did a two hour shift this afternoon which gave me an excuse to check out the show and (even better) the opportunity to get free admission. Ah, the rewards of volunteering are many!

Met some lovely new people (hi Nancy, if you're reading this), saw some old friends, bought some delightful beads although I did do a reasonable job of restraining myself. Sort of. (I tried, I really did.)

It was a bit bizarre getting to the show today though. It was awfully busy downtown as there was a lot going on this afternoon - Raptors basketball, lots of kids and parents who were apparently headed to Disney on Ice at the Skydome, Canada Blooms (the flower show) and - the part that really confused me - lots of teenagers and people in their early 20's dressed in costume. Luckily, as soon as I saw Stephanie, she explained there was also an Anime convention going on, so that explained the young woman I saw dressed up in a black short skirted outfit with lacy petticoats underneath, carrying the Hello Kitty doll. (It was still a bit disturbing but at least I know there was a reason for it, hopefully she doesn't dress like that every day.)
But the most bizarre thing was the weird guy with the pacifier in his mouth that snatched my debris-covered tray right off my table at the hamburger place because he wanted to eat my leftover fries - wow! Also disturbing but at least I was finished my meal and hopefully the food did him some good.

Here's a picture of me and Stephanie having fun at the show:

and a picture I took of the Royal Bank Plaza - the cloud reflection is totally cool!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia. You look so happy. So does your friend. I guess Bead People are Happy People. Sharon