Friday, April 11, 2014

Haiku My Heart: From Above

From the sky, things look
different, once familiar
sights become new again.
I took some cool photos yesterday on the plane ride home.  It was a clear day, not too many clouds to block the view from the plane window to ground below. The colours of West Palm Beach were pleasing to the eye - the green grass and trees, the blue of the ocean.
Farther north, in Ontario, the ground cover was still brown, not yet warm enough for the grass to grow. The shores of Lake Erie are still saying goodbye to winter ice
while only a few miles away, Lake Ontario is already clear and blue.
We caught a glimpse of the CN Tower in the distance
and I could even see my own apartment building, only minutes away from landing at the airport.
Everything looks different from the sky.  I envy birds for their ability to glide above the Earth, looking down from a new vantage point at what we on the ground take for granted.

You will find more Haiku My Heart submissions here, hosted by recuerda mi corazon.


Gillena Cox said...

indeed, thanks for sharing

much love...

rebecca said...

dear cynthia,
gorgeous and free, how can we not wonder what fills the hearts of birds? their ability to know intimately both the sweet earth, and her bountiful trees; they rise above the weight of life and also touch the edge of heaven.
thank you for taking me far above the busy world and seeing nothing but beauty!

J C said...

Thanks for sharing these interesting photos.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

It's always good to see things--and life--from new angles!

In the Potter’s Field

Lea said...

Hello Cynthia, I love looking at familiar ground from the air... it gives a whole new perspective, on everything... your haiku is lovely and says it all so well! Thank you!

Laura said...

wonderful photos Cynthia and deep wisdom in your haiku!