Wednesday, April 23, 2014

3 x Cool In My Mailbox

I received three very cool things in my mailbox today.

#1 = a postcard sent by one of my fellow Canadian participants in the National Letter Writing Group that made me laugh out loud.  She's from Edmonton but was vacationing in Florida.  Her husband picked it out for her.
Ironically, she mailed it on April 15th, the day last week that we had snow here in Toronto!! Katarina, how did you know??!!  And considering today was a chilly spring day with a windchill of minus 3C when I headed out to work this morning, bundled up in my winter coat, scarf and a pair of leather gloves, maybe I shouldn't be laughing at this postcard!?

#2 - a redecorated postcard that has been forwarded twice so far, I'm the 3rd recipient. How cool is that? I am now contemplating how to add on to it and forward it on.

#3 - a letter from a first grader.  One of the NLWM participants is a teacher and arranged for 17 of us to receive letters from kids. Thinking of something special to send back.

Such magical stuff being delivered to my mailbox this month!

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