Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mail Love

Thought I share some pictures of some of the beautiful and oh so creative artwork that has been arriving in my mailbox the past few weeks.

This pretty card came all the way from Catherine in England:
while this gorgeous one arrived from Letitia in Italy.

Funny how both of our 2 international participants both chose people with umbrellas for their artwork. Perhaps they're thinking of those April showers? (of which we haven't had too many so far this month, although there was a light rain as I headed off to work this morning)

My very thoughtful designated penpal Christine from Alberta made me this lovely fabric covered journal
and included some fun-in-the-sun style stickers to use in my Florida journal.
Some people have been making envelopes out of magazine pages. I love how this one has a bit of text washi tape that reads "Clanging Cyn" (the rest of the letters that make up the word "Cymbal" was cut off, quite perfectly, says this Cynful Cynthia!).
Some cards have been handpainted or drawn, like this pretty floral one from Sandy in Louisiana:
Others have sent collaged postcards, like this one from Jackie in California.
Stay tuned for more peeks at the mail art I've been receiving in tomorrow's post.

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