Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29th

National Letter Writing Month ends tomorrow but luckily for me, there is still exciting stuff arriving in my mailbox.

I came home very late from work tonight, after 8:30 p.m. to be exact.  Hadn't had dinner yet, feeling very tired and very hungry.  Wasn't sure I had the energy to stop on the main floor of my apartment building and check for mail.  But since it's still April, I thought it just might be worth the trip and sure enough, it was.

Barbara sent me this postcard with a super sweet drawing of a mailbox - love it!
I got a little package from Sarah in San Diego containing a button necklace,
a cute little pendant made out of a piece of a wine cork
and this pretty pair of earrings (unfortunately damaged in transit but easily fixed by one such as myself who has also been known to make jewellery and just happens to have her own extensive stash of buttons!).
Last but not least, a letter from Audrianne with some stamps and postal-themed post-its - how did she know I might like to make some art with these lovelies?!
I especially love how she signed her letter, "peace, love, mail":

Thank you, Barbara, Sarah and Audrianne, for this mailbox magnificence!  Just what I needed after a long and tiring day at work on a rainy Tuesday at the end of April.

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