Saturday, April 12, 2014

3 Sure Signs of Spring

I went out for an early morning walk this morning, taking advantage of the sun and milder air.  Along the way, I saw three sure signs that spring is definitely here.

1.  Potholes
It has been a bumper crop for them this year, as a result of all the back and forth temperatures we've had.  I heard City crews filled 2,600 potholes last Thursday alone.  Crazy!

2.  Robins and Red-winged Blackbirds
It may be fuzzy in the picture above but it is definitely a robin.  I saw three of them this morning.  I didn't actually see any blackbirds, but I definitely heard their distinctive call.  The return of these two of our feathered friends has always been one of the first indicators of spring here in Ontario.  I realized last week in Florida how much I had been missing the sound of birdsong over this long, cold winter. It was so nice to hear it again this morning as I walked around my neighbourhood.

3.  Garage Sales
No question about it, the beginning of garage sale season definitely means that spring is here, although I must admit, seeing one in April was a surprise!

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