Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunny But Cool

Yesterday and today have been beautiful days in the `hood.  Too bad it has been so cool, feeling more like October than May. The skies have been blue, blue, blue and nary a cloud to be seen.  Rather a strong wind though, blowing down from somewhere up in the Arctic, it seems.  Decided not to go to the outdoor antique market at the Christie conservation area nor to the cottage (overnight temperatures forecast to be just above zero plus we still don`t have water, not exactly prime conditions).

I did take myself out for a long walk yesterday morning and refused to wear my gloves.  I admired the green, green leaves instead.

Ran a few errands at the drug store and the bank (love that they are open on Saturdays now, some even on Sundays) then allowed myself to be directed by this sign

to a local school.  Found a lovely little ivory box in an Art Deco style that will be perfect for holding my sketching pens and pencils that I have taken to carrying in my purse.

They were also selling cupcakes, so I bought two.  Just doing my part to support the fundraising efforts.

Found a little graffiti love.

When I got home, I napped, lunched, made some art, watched the end of a movie (Easy A, quite enjoyable) before heading out to a charity dinner last night with some of our cottage friends.
Even though Kathy and Janine have lamps coming
out of their heads and we retook this picture several more times
with a different background, this photo turned out the best

Today has been pretty much the same, minus the flea market/craft sale - general puttering, some cleaning and tidying to compensate for all the art mess that has accumulated in various areas, running a few errands, doing laundry.  Still debating over whether to take a nap. :)

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