Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just One Half Hour

When I came home from work tonight, I wasn't feeling too energetic.  In fact, I was feeling downright lazy. I didn't really feel like doing a load of laundry but I knew I wasn't going to feel any more like it any time in the next few days either, so I'd better get it done while the laundry room was quiet.

It takes 29 minutes for the wash cycle so I told myself I would spend that time clearing up my closet just a little bit.  My closet is a small walk-in, big enough to hold a dresser.  Here's a photo from 2 years ago when I last decluttered - wow, it looks awesome! I so need to do this again!

Tonight, I figured I could at least clear the floor enough (put away all the jumbled pairs of shoes, move the bag of hangers - why do I have a whole bag of hangers I'm not using??, etc.) and put away the pile of turtlenecks I had dumped on top of the dresser as winter was coming to an end (won't need them for another 6 months or so!) so I could pull the dresser out from the wall to get at the necklace that had fallen behind it a couple of months ago.  I kept forgetting the necklace was there until I'd go to put it on with a certain outfit but of course, there was never enough time then to go searching for it as I needed to be getting out the door to work!
I've been missing this necklace!
Which is what I did.  Found a few treasures I had forgotten about in a drawer of the little dresser on top of the big dresser.

Then I put this bulletin board on top of the dresser.  Immediately took it down to change the paper (the silver wrapping paper I initially used was much too shiny, I think the dictionary pages look much better!), put it back up again and hung various necklaces on it.
Whoa! This paper was wayyy too shiny!

Ahh, slightly more organized, feeling much better!  And all it took was one little half hour of time! (okay, doing the bulletin board took a bit more time but that was the fun part!)

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