Thursday, May 23, 2013

Embarrassed in Toronto

May 2013 has been a tough month to be a Torontonian.  Last week, our hockey lost the first round of the playoffs with a heartbreaking goal during sudden death overtime.  This week, a news story about a video of our mayor smoking crack with drug dealers.

Photo: Something tells me this is photo shopped... Well, I really hope it is... Funny though...

Yes, our mayor allegedly smokes crack.  The video has not been seen by the general public but already, it has been making news south of the border.  Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno and Jon Stewart all thought it was worth mentioning this week.

(my favourite line? "If you were going to alter videos, why wouldn't you start with these two?"  Jon Stewart = brilliant)

Whether or not the crack smoking story is true, I can't say this enough:  thank goodness I didn't vote for the guy!

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