Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Bit More Aberfoyle

Here are a few more photos from my visit to the Aberfoyle antiques show this past weekend.

What every kilt wearer needs, a sporran with a badger on it!

I really should have picked up these glasses, I love them!

Who wouldn't want a matching set of vintage pink luggage?

My favourite overheard line of the day was, "Stop trying to make me buy dead animals!"  I'm pretty sure they were looking at this when she said that.

Don't you just love this vintage screen door with the advertising signs all over it?  So retro.

Lifesize Pez holder, anyone?

I really wanted this multi-drawered cabinet.  Too bad it was $1400!!

I really, really wanted this vintage paper trimmer even more but it was $65, which seemed a bit excessive and the blade was dull, dull, dull.  Where would I get that sharpened??  Still, if I see one at Christie next weekend, I might have to get it!

Last but not least, the lovely ladies from Robin's Cupcakery (you can find them on Facebook).  They were sold out of the maple and bacon  ones by the time we came by but I can personally recommend the key lime and the lemon, both are to die for!!!

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