Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Early Memories

Here are the journal pages from the rest of the Journal Junkies present last night at Bizzy B (click on any of the photos to see a larger view).

Marilyn made two pages.  The first one was about "The Great and Deadly Snowstorm of 1944" during which she remembers being a young girl worried about her grandfather walking home during the storm (he was fine).

Her second page was about a book she stole from school as a young girl after her teacher told her she hadn't learned enough words to read it.

She told us she felt guilty about taking the book but she never got caught, she didn't have any trouble reading it and she never returned it.

Donna remembers being a young girl in her grandmother's kitchen in Trinidad.  Her grandma would make her recite the alphabet ("A is for apple, B is for bat...) while lunch was cooking.

Joanna made two pages which feature the same events but turned out quite differently from each other in design (one copy to keep, one copy for the store's book).  She put a number things she remembers from her early childhood on the pages - a family trip to Montreal, her first concert (Bobby Sherman), TV shows she used to watch she never liked Star Trek but had to watch every episode because she was outvoted by her brother and sister!)  I can't decide which style I like better!

Last but not least was Barb's page, which wasn't put together yet but she did show us a number of photos of herself as a young girl that she is planning to use.

Next month's theme is "anatomy", should be interesting! ;)

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