Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Mailbox Is Full!

Over the first 10 postal delivery days since National Letter Writing Month began, I received a total of 13 pieces of mail from my fellow group members.  On two of those 10 days, I didn't receive anything (boo hoo).  On 3 of those days, I received one piece of mail (yay!).  On the rest of the 5 days, I received two things (double yay!).  Notwithstanding the fact that some of the ladies have posted on our Facebook group that they have received over 50 pieces of mail already (one of them being Lindsay Ostrom, the organizer, who darned well deserves to get at least one item from each of the 100 plus group members (I've lost track of the exact number), in my humble opinion!), I was pretty excited to have received what felt like a whole lot of mail already this month.

Until today.  When my mailbox looked like this:

Not one, not two, but ten - count 'em, ten! - different letters and postcards!

Even more exciting, one of those letters was from a friend in Australia from whom I hadn't heard in several months. He was just writing to say hello and just happened to mail his letter last week.  The fact that it arrived together with all this other special mail today just made it even more of a treat.

The most exciting thing of all? Five of today's mail pieces are from my extra-special assigned penpal Beth.  Isn't she the greatest? I would be feeling really guilty about that as I haven't sent her nearly as many cards and letters except that - shh! don't tell her! - yesterday I mailed a pretty cool package to her which I think she will enjoy receiving, so hopefully that makes us even (although I'll be getting busy writing a few more letter to her just in case).

Gosh, this is so much fun! Stay tuned to tomorrow's blog and I'll tell you all about what I got.  For now, here's a sneak peak.

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