Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet Jovy

Jovy (rhymes with "groovy") is the friendly postal employee at my local Canada Post substation, situated in the back of a Shoppers Drug Mart.  For the past year or so, she has been serving me with a smile whenever I come in.  She always exclaims with delight when I decorate an envelope or package and notices when I don't.

She has been extra helpful this National Letter Writing Month.  I told her what I was doing at the beginning of the month and explained that most of the participants are in the U.S. and that I'd like to use an assortment of stamps or special stamps if possible.  She was the one who told me about the larger sized one dollar stamps I showed you in this post.  I take my envelopes in to her and she stamps them by hand, after she explained that the larger stamps need to be done that way rather than go through the machine.  I delivered a thank you note to her mid-month, telling her how much I appreciated her helpful and friendly manner.

The other day when I went in to see her, she told me about some new stamps that had come out the day before.  The theme is "adopt a pet", although this picture on the front looks more like a wolf than a dog to me!

Inside are animal stamps, very cleverly displayed in cages with open doors. The sketching in the background shows the pets as they would be in a forever home environment, lying on a dog bed by the fire or sitting by the window watching the birds.  As a person who is learning to sketch, I love the concept, wish I'd thought of that!

These stamps are for use in Canada so they are worth 63 cents.  Jovy very patiently counted out the 25 cent, 2 x 10 cent and 2 cent stamps I'll need to make up the extra 47 cents for mailing to the U.S.  We did discuss how it would be easier to just use two domestic stamps, but that would mean "wasting" an extra 16 cents per letter and that just didn't seem practical to either of us.  Plus this way, I get to send envelopes with multiple stamps on them and I know my fellow NLWM group members will love that!  And as someone involved in fostering cats for adoption, of course I'm all for the idea of using these stamps to promote that cause!

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