Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Be Fooled

Don't be fooled by the calendar on this April Fool's Day 2013.  It may say it's spring but as soon as you step out the door today here in Ontario, you'll know winter isn't quite over.

I was driving in the country on the weekend and there's a lot more snow hanging around than I expected.

Most of the ponds are still frozen

although there is also some water in the fields. Just don't be fooled by the migrating geese, they're probably thinking they took a wrong turn somewhere in Texas, wondering how to get back down south.

Still snow in my mom's backyard but the annual spring puddle is starting form as well.

That's where I saw my first robin in Ontario yesterday - the poor thing was hopping around, trying to avoid the snow on the grass.

Saw my first robin of the year in Seattle back in February.  I'm told it's "ice cream weather" there today, lucky them! Of course, you could say we're having ice cream weather here today too - as in, we could keep ice cream outside!!

Ah, Mother Nature.  You do like to fool with us, don't you?!

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