Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Mailed Goodies Received

I was sick again today and didn't go to work, which meant I missed any messiness on the roads as a result of the snow and freezing rain that Mother Nature delivered today.  Spring, where are you? Hurry back!

I did get myself dressed in the late afternoon and popped downstairs to get the mail, which was totally worth changing out of my pyjamas to do.  There was this pretty postcard from Dawn - I love both the illustration and the lettering!

There was also this decorated envelope from Davielle:

which contained this handmade bookmark (not too sure about the subject matter of the advertised book, "Love letters between a Nobleman and his Sister" - say what??!! - but the bookmark is cool).  There's a note from her written on the back.

Yesterday's treasures included this envelope made out of a wallpaper sample.  Inside was a note from a woman named Joy written on the back of a card with a fabric sample to match the wallpaper.  A very clever and creative idea.

I also received a note from Debbie, who lives right here in Ontario, together with this beautiful hand drawn bookmark:

It's so much fun going to the mailbox these days!

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