Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More Circus Acts

Here are the circus-themed journal pages created by my oh-so-talented fellow Journal Junkies members (yes, I dragged my coughing and sneezing self to the meeting, even though I had been feeling badly enough in the morning to stay home from work.  I was definitely improved by the end of the day and I just didn't want to miss anything!  And I wasn't the only one there with germs to share - poor Barb from Bizzy B is much sicker than me with a bronchial infection.)

Laura made this page using a picture of herself wearing those wax lips we used to get at the candy store when we were kids - what a hilarious result!

Donna made a page using a transfer technique involving peppermint oil, which I had never heard of before (her page smelled delicious!), using a painting called "The Circus" by French painter Georges Seurat.

Kelly's page was, as usual, a visual delight, what with all the embellishments and textural elements:

Susan had drawn this picture by hand (imagine being that good at drawing!  Her skill at perspective blows me away!):

The next day, she saw this photo in the newspaper and decided she would draw another circus page, because not everybody likes clowns (which several people stated last night. I don't mind them but admit I have liked them a lot less ever since I read Stephen King's "It" featuring a very nasty clown and especially after watching the totally creepy miniseries back in 1990).

This was the beginning of the second page - equally awesome!

Louise arrived as things were wrapping up, just in time to show us the circus tent she had created from a clip art picture she had found online.

It was well worth going out in the rain last night to catch these circus acts in person!

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