Thursday, April 18, 2013

Goodies from Beth

Beth is the lovely lady who was assigned as my penpal from the 100+ people that signed up for the National Letter Writing Group (organized by Lindsay Ostrom). She helped fill my mailbox with wonderful things the other day when I found not one but FIVE different mailings from her.

One was this postcard - check out the expressions on the faces of these cats!  (luckily, she is a cat lover too!)

Another postcard from the coast of Oregon (where she lives), picked up on a weekend outing.

This handmade envelope decorated with washi tape and covered with several interesting stamps (I am amassing quite a collection of U.S. ones thanks to her!)

had this card inside to remind me spring is surely on its way (somehow she must have guessed that I like birds!):

Another pretty envelope - love the rainbow!
I love how the retouch feature I used
 to blur my address added the lynx face from the one stamp all over this image!

with this handmade card inside, decorated with washi tape (such a simple idea but look how fabulous! I am totally going to copy this idea!!):

This envelope (more stamps and another cute little birdie!)

had the cutest owl notecard inside

which contained this artist trading card she had made for me, since I had mentioned how much I love Paris.  So thoughtful!

I am definitely humbled by the creativity Beth and my fellow NLWM members have been demonstrating this month.  So much awesomeness and the ones pictured above are just for me!  I am a lucky girl, no doubt about it.

Beth, if you are reading this, thank you so very much for this treasure trove of wonderful that arrived in my mailbox!! xo

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