Sunday, April 7, 2013

Friday's Mail

In my mailbox on Friday - one bank statement (to be opened eventually) and two lovelies from fellow National Letter Writing Month group members - yay!!

This beautifully hand drawn postcard from Nancy in Wisconsin (it's actually a photocopy of the original which I am assuming she drew herself, with a cool stamp in the corner that says "destiny awaits"):

and this handmade card from Gail in California:

This is the fourth year of this event and Gail tells me they started with 17 people the first year. As I believe I have mentioned before, there are now 100 people in the group - pretty exciting to see how it has grown.  The Facebook group is alive with activity, including a video on Friday of the young daughter of one of the members bouncing excitedly as she checks the mailbox and discovers 5 pieces of  mail inside addressed to her.  What fun!

(was able to upload these photos using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer - not sure what that is all about but for now, this works!)

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