Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Where To Start?

I didn't feel too jetlagged yesterday. At least, not until about 7:30 last night, when I realized it was 2:30 in the morning in Italy and if I was there, I'd be sound asleep by then and suddenly I was tired.
I can feel it a bit more today. My brain just wasn't processing information quickly or correctly.  Nothing major, just silly things that made me realize I wasn't quite firing on all cylinders, like printing out a floor plan for the wrong building and then copying the right plan without outlining the space I was meant to be outlining.

Now, as I'm downloading photos and thinking about blogging, I'm having trouble focusing on what I'm doing and what to write about. Thought I'd post photos from my trip chronologically or maybe go back and insert images to the posts I made while I was there.  I'll still probably do that, just not tonight. In fact, I'm thinking I'll just stop doing what I'm doing altogether, as I'm more likely to make mistakes, like put files in the wrong places or accidentally delete them, and that would be tragic.

So for tonight, here are some photos of very amusing pieces of street art I found on my last evening in Rome. Someone had laid out all these little vignettes along a fence on a street as I walked along from the Piazza Navona (where I had dinner nearby) to the Piazza del Popolo (where I was going to catch the subway).

I was walking behind this woman, admiring her little black dress, fashionable gladiator sandals (so appropriate for Rome!) and funky tights.  Wishing I had that sort of fashion sense, hoping I might somehow develop same by the time I got to be her age.  For you might not be able to tell from this photo (the hair doesn't look as grey as it did, the slender arms not quite as wrinkled as they were in person) but she was actually several years older than my 50 and for that reason alone (but more so because of those tights!), I was very much in awe.

Then I noticed this chalk outline on the ground, with a pair of shoes beside it.  CSI Rome, perhaps?

Then I realized the outline had a name.

And that all along the fence for the next block, there were similar exhibits, which seemed to be made out of found objects.

Such as the earpieces they hand out on the hop on, hop off tour buses so you can listen to the commentary.
Tourist Guide
and a broken plate.

But it was usually the clever little signs that I enjoyed the most.

I believe this particular piece, entitled "Roma", explains the reason for this artist's display:

Unfortunately, there was no sign of the artist. I would have liked to have thanked this person for providing this whimsical artwork for we passersby to enjoy. 

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Taylor schapiro said...

How funny Cynthia, i have photos of that same street with the same art by the same artist from when I was in rome. Also noticed we used the same bridge/sunset picture. I put mine on fb. Almost home...