Monday, July 16, 2012

A Trip to the Falls

Ever since I was a little kid when we visited Niagara Falls on a family trip, I have wanted to ride on the Maid of the Mist, the boat that takes visitors to the bottom of the Falls.  Yes, I wanted to be one of those people dressed in blue plastic ponchos (which are very warm on a hot summer's day, let me tell you, but certainly do the trick to keep you dry when you get close to the Falls themselves!!  They don't call it Maid of the MIST for nothing!) riding on a boat into what could possibly be (but never has been) the jaws of death.

Today I got my wish.  My friend Laurie has been visiting this past weekend from Florida and she very generously treated us both to a day long bus trip to the Niagara Region that included a ride on the MOTM.

We saw the Fall from up top
This little railing and a short cement wall is all that
keeps you from being swept over the edge!

and down below.
The American Falls
Horseshoe Falls

Soggy self-portrait with some guy
who wouldn't move out of frame.

We had a quick lunch along the tourist strip

and then went to have a look at the cable car that goes over the whirlpool (but did not stay to have a ride).

The next stop was to see the power stations on both the Canadian and American sides of the river
On the American side

The Canadian side
then a brief visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake (just enough time to sample some ice cream and check out a few shops)
Prince of Wales Hotel
followed by a wine tasting (reisling and 2 types of ice wine) at the Diamond Estates vineyard (partially owned by Dan Ackroyd).

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day and a lovely way to end her visit! Thanks again, Laurie!

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