Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remember When You Were A Kid...?

Remember when you were a kid ... and you tried to fit your whole fist into your mouth?

...you didn't have to wear a bathing suit if you didn't want to?

...and you got to wear really cute bathing suits?!

...you didn't come out of the water until your parent said enough was enough, and when you finally did, they wrapped you in a big, warm towel?

...your uncles would help you dig holes in the sand?

...you thought a lot of deep thoughts

...and you didn't have to comb your hair for the family photo?

...your moods could switch from happy to sad in an instant?

...you played with Frisbees

...somebody always wanted to play peek-a-boo

...and you could take a nap whenever you wanted?

It's still the same today!

(Photos of my youngest second and third cousins from the Smith/Fawcett/Yates Family Picnic 2012 held this past weekend)


Jane Perala said...

OK - I think it would be wise for me to wear a bathing suit though - lol! Preferable a large one piece!

Anonymous said...

awwwww, very sweet.