Monday, July 9, 2012

Where Non-Catholic Foreigners Go in Rome

As you will recall, I spent part of my first full day in Rome (as summarized in this blog post, which I has now been updated with additional text and photos) checking out what is known as the Protestant cemetery. 

Once upon a time, if you were not Italian and/or Catholic, when you died, you might have been lucky enough to be buried here.

There's a big pyramid next door (build by slaves who were freed upon the death of their master, who is entombed inside):

and a cat sanctuary, so the cats might come by and snooze on your tombstone if you're lucky.

I do hope Elisabeth likes the idea of cats snoozing on a warm summer's morning on her final resting place, I know I would.

Hydrangeas bloom nearby and it's very quiet and peaceful within the walls of this place.

Visitors like me come and take photos of all the beautiful headstones and statues.

Tomorrow I'll show you the headstone I specifically came here to see.

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Lori Wostl said...

Ah a nice refreshing stroll through Rome in the cool of my office. Thank you.